The continuous development of new formulations and the verification of their value through complex and rigorous laboratory tests are the basis of the way we operate.

SECURITY VEBIX products are all dermatologically tested, do not contain parabens and are verified in their possible content in heavy metals at each production batch. 

SENSORIALITY Every single product has been designed to make its daily use enjoyable, through the careful multisensory combination of perfume (smell), texture (touch) and color (view).   

DESIGN The attention to the product continues in the choice of a well-groomed and attractive packaging, able to effectively preserve it from external agents (air, light, heat, humidity).

 The communication on the product is clear and immediate: informing in a simple and transparent way is the prerequisite to build the correct relationship with the customer.  

POSITIONING "aware" and accessible to give everyone the opportunity to use quality products on a daily basis. 

DISTRIBUTION Only and exclusively in Pharmacy and Para pharmacy for the benefit and protection of consumers, consumers and stakeholders.

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