Skin aging

The physiological process

Skin aging is a gradual and non-reversible physiological process and is due to many factors.It is mainly subdivided into intrinsic or chronological and is due to the genetic and hormonal process, and extrinsic or stress-oxidative caused by external factors such as UV rays, smoke and pollution.

The passing of the years and the modification of the hormonal order cause a slowing in the ability of the cells to regenerate and a reduction in the quantity of the fundamental substances for the skin.
The following should be noted:

  • lower collagen production: the skin appears drier, thinner and rough;
  • lower elastin production : the skin has more difficulty in relaxing again after a change (contraction movement);
  • less melanin production: the skin doesn't have a homogeneous complexion and dark spots appear (discolouration).


The daily exposure to sunlight (even in winter) and other external factors determines and accelerates  the skin structural changes, that are different from those caused by  the advancing age.

The characteristic sign is the cutaneous thickening (or elastosis) with increase of the basic substance and reduction of the collagen.

The damage is attributable to both UVB and UVA ultraviolet radiation (they penetrate deeply reaching the dermis).

  • smog and pollutants (fine particles): prevent breathing and hydration of the skin, leading to the collagen degradation  and the hydrolipidic film;
  • smoking, alcohol abuse, stress, unbalanced nutrition: cause the production of high amounts of free radicals resulting in reduced collagen synthesis and a general impairment of the balance of the skin.

How to preserve the beauty of the skin and mitigate the signs of time?

Although ageing is an unavoidable physiological process, its effects can be slowed by mainly acting on external factors with 3 simple daily actions:

Daily remove any impurities from the skin with specific products: water is not enough.

Protect the skin from UV rays with sunscreens throughout the year, because they accentuate problems of hyperpigmentation.

Use cosmetics (creams, serums) that protect the skin from external aggressions, nourish it and stimulate it to exploit endogenous systems of  skin damage prevention.

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