The skin and the sun

The sun is indispensable for the well-being of our body, but excessive exposure or without adequate protection determines a series of biological reactions responsible for harmful, acute and chronic skin effects.

Solar erythema is acute damage due to UVB radiation that interacts directly with the more superficial layers of the skin.

Chronic damage is photoaging due to UVA radiation, which interacts indirectly with the skin, causing damage to the epidermis and dermis (wrinkles, dark spots, loss of tone and elasticity).

Advice for use

The SPF indicates the amount of UVB radiation that the skin protected by sunscreen is able to absorb before reaching the sunburn. According to current European legislation, the value of the SPF can vary from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 50+ as shown in the table below.

Protezione Bassa 6 o 10
Protezione Media 15 o 20 o 25
Protezione Alta 30 o 50
Protezione Molto Alta 50+

The skin is equipped with a valid defense system especially from chronic damage, but may not be sufficient. To help the system the action of skin self-defence, it is important that solar products contain , in addition to filters, antioxidant substances.

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