The hair structure

The hair consists of two fundamental parts: the root and the stem.

The root is the living part of the hair: inside there is a cavity to which are connected nerves and capillary vessels that bring nourishment to the hair and make them grow. Each root produces 25 hairs that growth 1 millimeter every 3 days.

The shaft is the least alive part of the hair: it is composed of keratin, lipids, water, minerals and melanin, which give strengthness to the hair  structure

The  hair structure is formed by multiple intertwined fibers. Each layer protects the other and inside we find the bark that contains the pigments of melanin that give color to the hair.

The hair coloring

With the passing of time the melanin contained in the hair cortex tends to shrink making the hair «white».
To cover white hair or to give them a new light different types of coloring are available:

  • Temporary dyes: they give a colour that lasts only one wash
  • Semi-permanent dyes: give a durable color for about 4 - 5 washes
  • Permanent dyes: give a stain resistant until the hair regrowth. Not eliminate with washing.

The permanent dyes ensure a total coverage of white hair. They contain substances that can react with each other and release colored polymers. These substances are not colored, but acquire this characteristic thanks to a chemical reaction during application on the hair.
Permanent dyes contain 3 components:

  • The colouring cream consists of primary dyes (p-phenylenediamine), copulants (resorcinols), ammonia and buffer substances to maintain the basic pH.
  • The activating emulsifier, consisting of oxidizing agents (such as hydrogen peroxide).
  • The Post Treatment consists of substances that restore the natural pH of the hair, fixing the color.

The above-mentioned substances, especially those contained in the colouring cream, can be responsible for irritating reactions to the already sensitive scalp or that can become it over time.
The line Vebix Color Creams permanent dyes is dedicated to all women who want a healthy hair, without renouncing to the beauty and natural color of their hair.

A line of products that contains new generation dyes less aggressive and able to ensure:

  • Grey coverage
  • Bright and intense color
  • Protection and nourishing
  • High tolerability to minimize the risk of skin reactions

The Vebix Color line products are also enriched with vitamins A, B5, E, F, with natural extracts of Sesame, Bacopa Monniera, Henna, Amamelide and 3 vegetable oils: Melia Azadiracta, Plukenetia, Argan.

They don't  contain ammonia, resorcine, p-phenylenediamine, parabens, silicones, PEG (polyethylene glycols), EDTA (ethylenediaminetetracetic acid),  perfumes allergents free

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